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About LBF

Linlithgow Book Festival is a volunteer-run event founded in 2006 by Roy Dalgleish and Gail Boardman. The Festival began as a one-day affair but quickly grew to fill a full weekend.

LBF brings to Linlithgow authors with a wide range of subject matter and experience based around the central belt of Scotland. From big names and Booker winners to local authors and, at the open mike, unpublished writers, you’ll find it all at LBF.

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Sponsors and Funders

Linlithgow Book Festival gratefully acknowledges the generous sponsorship of Robert Callander Optician, The Linlithgow Bookshop, Book Sanctuary, JMK Printers and Stationers and Palimpsest Book Production Ltd.

Linlithgow Book Festival gratefully acknowledges the support of West Lothian Council and Linilthgow’s councillors.

About Linlithgow

Linlithgow is a lively centre with a wide range of cultural and creative activity throughout the year. Its High Street retains an individuality and character to be treasured in a time of increased homogenisation. Find out more at linlithgow.com.

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